Essential Tools and Services

CCIQ have developed a range of essential tools for small and medium businesses that help increase productivity and profitability. As a Chinchilla Community Commerce & Industry member, you have access to these great business improvement tools.


CCIQ Books

CCIQ Books is the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland's online bookstore. It features the latest in a range of manuals, templates and policies aimed at helping businesspeople manage their HR and industrial relations obligations.

You can access CCIQ Books to make a single purchase, or subscribe to any publication and get updates for 12 months. All material is sent to you via email in a PDF and editable format so you can personalise them to your own business.

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Customer relationships are the backbone of a successful small business, but the more you grow the harder it is to manage those relationships. 

CCIQ CRM is an affordable and easy-to-use customer relationship management system which puts all your customer data in one secure place. You will never lose valuable customer information again and you can access your data anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Stay on top of customer activity like never before, keeping a record of sales, meetings and client communications.

CCIQ CRM gives you a 360-degree view of your sales cycle, pipeline and marketing along with document back-up and recovery. So you can rest assured your data is in safe hands.

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CCIQ Internet & Phone

CCIQ has partnered with iiNet to bring you better internet for your business. iiNet is Australia's second largest DSL internet service provider and the leading challenger in the telecommunications market. They deliver award winning customer service, and they're committed to making it simple for all businesses to connect (especially in big states like ours). 

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CCIQ Power

Energy is a significant cost for every business, large or small. You know that devices passively consume a lot of power but who has the time to switch everything off during downtime?

CCIQ Power is backed by CarbonTRACK, an Australian-designed energy management technology that, once installed at your property, learns your business's energy patterns and manages your appliances efficiency. For example, CCIQ Power can take advantage of low tariff times to run your heating, cooling and other devices.

The result is real and lasting savings that return up to 30% of your power costs to your bottom line.

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Customers have all sorts of reasons for not paying on time, from cash flow issues to plain forgetfulness. The effect on your business can be significant, and the time you waste chasing unpaid invoices could always be better used.

With no lock-in contracts or hidden costs, CCIQ Pay lets you take payments on the spot using your mobile phone.

It’s a win/win for you and your customers; you can process payments immediately and receive the cash in your bank account the next day, while your customers have a convenient and fuss-free way to settle their account.

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ninepence ecommerce

The easiest and cheapest way to start an online shop.

CCIQ has partnered with Brisbane based Studio None to develop ninepence, an ecommerce solution for small businesses that will enable any Queensland business to start selling online in a matter of minutes.

Similar to Shopify, ninepence will allow businesses to get up and running quickly with an online store. Unlike Shopify, it will be Australian owned and free to get started.

Launching in the first week on December, ninepence already has over 200 online stores up and running.

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CCIQ ecoBiz

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) will champion the sustainability cause through a new partnership to deliver the ecoBiz program for the next three years.

The ecoBiz program allows businesses to embrace new ways of working and access to tools, resources and services to enable them to be more sustainable, productive and ultimately profitable.

ecoBiz program elements are free of charge to Queensland businesses and are designed to deliver improved productivity, costs and efficiencies for all businesses who participate.

ecoBiz helps your business reduce its impact on the environment. By adopting eco-efficient practices, you will be able to do more with less, including:

Find out more. is a business name registration service operated by CCIQ. As the state’s peak business body, and with a nearly 150-year history of helping Queensland businesses, we understand the hurdles that business owners have to overcome when starting out. While it can be an extremely rewarding experience, issues like endless paperwork, red tape and painful processes can put a real dampener on things. 

You can also register for an ABN, GST, PAYG and a whole heap of other services, all in one place.

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